Start your journey to a Stronger & Better you with guided content. Live a more spiritual life, grow your faith with daily prayer.

Break out from daily worries, gain a new perspective in a difficult situation, connect with God through daily prayer.


Daily prayer
Group 219

Amplifying gratitude through daily prayer and appreciation

Adapting content & Prayers to your current state of mind

Group 298 (3)

Guiding you with contextual prayers, bible verses, stories & revelations from Blessify community

Group 299 (3)

Growing your resilience, peace, inner strength and helping to heal and recover

Motivating you to stay positive and share your gratitude and faith with the community

Selected as Best Prayer App 2021


Pastor’s opinion: In my subject opinion, this one has all the best that’s needed for a human being to pray online or with the app to calm and connect with God. It’s not overloaded but has a great feed with lots of different content: Bible stories, verses, quotes, and community.

To bypass any difficulty in your life, you should have a community to hold on to, and at the same time, you need time for yourself, time to remind yourself of God’s words and use them as a guide for your path and your faith.

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Ted Atkins

Ted Atkins

Pastor, Church Leader

Unlimited Prayers, Bible Stories & Verses, Sermons & Worship Songs.

Rediscover your inner peace with the Blessify’s guided content.

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Empowering Sermons for great start of a day

Listen to powerful sermons for a great day start and meet your daily challenges with more resilience and open arms.

Meditating Evening Prayers

Immerse into meditative prayer to be more receptive to the former and better prepared for the latter.

Start your journey to a Stronger, Calmer & Better You with guided content & Daily pray

Encouraging stories from Blessify community

Barbara Dalzell

Barbara Dalzell

Reviewed Blessify - ★ 5             Apr 1

A lot of different content to match your current state . For the past several months I’ve been feeling sad and lost. The Bible Verses, Stories and Daily Prayers helped me to focus on what is important and rediscover my purpose.

Darrel M. Lee

Darrel M. Lee

Reviewed Blessify - ★ 5             Apr 30

Great Personal Pray Assistant. I am feeling happy and strong. Blessify app helped me to focus on what is important and change my perspective on a daily challenges, struggles.

Sylvia Mosley

Sylvia Mosley

Reviewed Blessify - ★ 5             Jun 30

Great way to return to inner balance. With Blessify app I found and effective way to calm down, especially before the sleep and have a proper rest at night. I do feel much less stressed than I used to.